One woman injured and robbed at gunpoint by masked intruder, while another loses $800 to perverted housebreaker

The Police are investigating an aggravated robbery, during which a 53-year-old All Saints woman was robbed and beaten by a masked gunman.

The woman, who owns the Springer Roadside Bar and Casino, reported the matter to the All Saints Police Station following the ordeal.

At about 10:54 p.m. on the day of the incident, the victim reportedly was cleaning her home. When she opened the western kitchen door, a masked intruder suddenly held her at gunpoint and ordered her back into the house.

Reports are that the gunman then struck her to the face with a hard object and proceeded to rob her of an undisclosed sum of money, as well as a gold costume-jewelry wristwatch. He then fled the scene.

The attacker is described as dark in complexion, of a stocky build, and about 5’8” tall. He was said to be wearing a pair of long, black, cut-up jeans; a black t-shirt; a black mask covering his head and face; and pair of black plastic gloves.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated offence, the home of a Cassada Gardens woman was burglarized and $800 cash stolen. 

The matter was reported to Police Headquarters, and lawmen are probing the incident, which occurred sometime between 1:30 and 4:00 a.m. on September 15.

Reports say the sleeping woman was awakened by a bright light shining in her face. She then saw an unknown male standing beside her bed, and he instructed her not to move as he searched her room.

He reportedly stole the cash from her purse, which was on her dressing table. 

Further reports say the intruder then told the woman to remove her underwear, which she did, and he proceeded to touch himself. The man then left with a green shirt stained with his body fluid and exited the house via a western door.

The perpetrator is described as about 5’4’’ in height; of a slim build; and dark in complexion; and was dressed in dark clothing with a full face mask and gloves. 

A search was carried out in the surrounding area for anyone fitting that description, but without success.

Reportedly during their investigations, the Police saw no signs of forced entry.

In the meantime, two golf carts were reported stolen from the Cedar Valley Golf Club on Monday night, September 19.

The owners are appealing to the public for assistance in recovering the vehicles: one green and one red Yamaha cart. Anyone with information is asked to call the Club at 462-0161.