Quinn-Williams and crew undertake ‘back-breaking’ clean-up project in Hodges Bay community, earning residents’ approval

Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural North, is the latest political hopeful to undertake a successful clean-up drive.

Quinn-Williams went out with a crew of private citizens to clean up an area of Hodges Bay that had been stacked with rotting tree branches. The debris reportedly had become a breeding ground for rodents and other vermin.

The Candidate says several of her brothers joined in the effort, as well as her husband, Steve, and they “toiled in the blazing sun for six hours.”

She notes that it was back-breaking work, but the team laboured on, “with the critters angry” that their home was being disturbed.

Reports are that a prominent constituent was passing by, saw the effort, and lent his assistance to what he felt was a commendable exercise.

Quinn-Williams says she was thankful for the assistance, since those who were hard at work were exhausted and the help was timely.

At least four other UPP Candidates have undertaken similar clean-ups or garbage-collection drives in their constituencies.

Unembarrassed by his Administration’s failure to provide these services to a number of communities, Prime Minister Gaston Browne took to Facebook last week to criticize the UPP’s efforts as political gimmickry.

However, Quinn-Williams disagrees, branding their work as civic pride, while the affected residents referred to it as true representation.

She adds that it was a demonstration to parliamentary representative Charles “Max” Fernandez that things can get done even when one is not in office.

The Candidate says that Hodges Bay residents were elated and appreciative of the hard work of her team; and she, personally, feels joy and pride in having gotten the work done for the community.

It is alleged, by a constituent, that Fernandez says he was happy with the outcome of the effort. However, she says, she is hoping he will be happy with the outcome of the elections when he loses.