What about the abandoned community centre in Golden Grove, the UPP’s Potter asks Rural South MP Matthew  

Gladys Potter, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St
John’s Rural South, is criticizing MP Daryl Matthew for his lack of
attention to the completion of certain constituency projects.

Matthew, the minister of education and parliamentary
representative, recently took a tour of the extension being
constructed at the Golden Grove Primary School.

However, Potter points out that another building, located at the back
of the school compound, is yet to be completed. That building
apparently had been earmarked as the community centre.

Potters says it is unfortunate that the 2017 promise to complete the
structure has not yet been fulfilled after five years.

Another regrettable situation, she says, is that the three playing
fields in the constituency, which were to be upgraded to recreational
facilities, do not have any toilet or changing rooms.

Potter says that those who have been given the responsibility, and
are in the position to serve and improve residents’ quality of life,
have chosen to serve themselves, instead.

According to her, “This ABLP Administration is an unfortunate
threat to Antigua and Barbuda’s progress.”