As the third and final term of the academic year begins today, April 12 – and the upper classes in both secondary and primary schools resume face-to-face learning – the Government says it will ensure that students have the resources required to get their work done.
These include utilities at their homes and fast-running Internet services.
Last Wednesday, April 7, the Cabinet made a decision to ensure that no student is without electricity at home.
According to Information Minister Melford Nicholas, special arrangements will be made to ensure that electricity is supplied to homes that have been disconnected.
Nicholas says that those parents whose electricity has been cut off because of COVID-19 conditions – including unemployment – will benefit from this arrangement, ensuring that their children are able to complete homework in the evening hours.
This will also facilitate Internet access, so that pupils taking part in remote learning are able to use this platform.
Meanwhile, Nicholas says that some degree of assistance will be offered to persons who have been unable to meet their utility payments. However, all tenants and homeowners are being encouraged to pay their APUA bills on a monthly basis.
Since March 8, the United Progressive Party recommended to the Administration a slate of relief measures to assist families during the pandemic, including some reprieve on utility bills.

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