MP Greene denies accusation of illegal entry onto university campus and threatens lawsuit unless Dr. Akande apologizes

Dr. Adedayo (Addie-day-oh) Akande, President of the University of Health Sciences Antigua (UHSA), is facing a lawsuit if he fails to apologize to Foreign Affairs Minister Paul “Chet” Greene.

On Monday, April 4, Dr. Akande filed a complaint with the Police, alleging that Greene had illegally entered the university compound the day before, Sunday, April 3, with a group of reported Asian investors.

He made the incident public, releasing a statement from the on-duty security guard, as well as video footage of Greene touring the campus and entering buildings – which he allegedly did not have permission to do.

However, Greene, the Member of Parliament for St. Paul, is refuting the allegation of illegal entry, and threatening legal action if Dr. Akande does not offer an apology for the statements he made.

The university president is yet to respond to the MP’s request.

Greene and his entourage were allowed onto the property, reportedly after the security officer got permission from the university’s secretary.  But while they were allowed to look around the compound, reportedly no permission was given for entering the buildings.

All this occurred after Greene initially was refused entry, and reportedly told the security guard that he would pound the lock off the gate.

The officer’s statement alleges that the Minister and his companions were seeking information on whether students were showing up for classes.  Reportedly, they were told that classes were being held online – as had been indicated in an earlier communiqué by Dr. Akande.

The Dow Hill campus was established since 1982.  However, the Cabinet has claimed that the medical school is now out of operation and, accordingly, it is seeking to reclaim the property for the Crown.

Dr. Akande, meanwhile, has said the campus is being readied for re-opening in September after the COVID-19 pandemic forced its operations online.

Even if there are concerns about its operation, some residents say, the invasion of private property by a Cabinet Minister was inappropriate and serves to undermine investor confidence.