Critics say Governor General was forced to perpetuate a lie about the happenings of August 8, 2021

In critiquing the 2024 Throne Speech, what pundits are saying they
found interesting is the Browne Administration’s insistence on
blaming the peaceful protestors who gathered on August 8, 2021, to
stand against the Government’s forced vaccination policy.

To the amazement of those who watched or listened, Sir Rodney
referred to the gathering that day on lower Market Street as “the
resisting anti-vaxxers.”

Contrary to all evidence, he said that they deliberately took to the
streets and violently engaged the Fire Service and the Police when
ordered to disperse and “placed the country in mortal danger.”
Critics say it is “such a pity” that convention would force the
Governor General into perpetuating “that barefaced lie” when not
even the Police could substantiate it