Lack of attention by the Minister of Health has resulted in mosquito infestation of Cashew Hill community

Residents of Cashew Hill are complaining about the lack of attention to the community by sitting MP Sir Molwyn Joseph, and the resulting infestation of mosquitoes in the area.

One senior resident says the malaria-causing insects are a bother to residents both day and night.

The senior citizen is making an appeal to the health authorities to do something urgently about the situation.

Meanwhile, Senator Johnathan Joseph, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Mary’s North, says the uncleared water courses and overgrown gutters are creating mosquito breeding grounds in the community.

Since Sir Molwyn – who, ironically, is the Minister of Health, Wellness and the Environment – does not seem to care, Joseph  promises that he will use his limited resources to assist residents.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central Board of Health (CBH) had undertaken a campaign to rid the country of mosquitoes.  This was to minimize the possibility of an outbreak of dengue fever, which had been a serious issue some years ago.

Persons are still being advised to discard unused containers and tyres, which can accumulate water and become breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Containers used to collect water for household use should be properly covered, or some type of oil should be placed on the water’s surface to prevent mosquitoes laying their eggs.

Mosquitoes are known to cause a number of serious ailments, including West Nile Virus, elephantiasis, dengue fever, yellow fever, malaria, zika and chikungunya.