Linton Thomas aggrieved at Barbuda developers’ reported blocking of roadway that leads to renowned pink-sand beach

Former Barbuda Senator Linton Thomas is alleging that the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project has blocked a roadway that leads to a popular beach to which tourists on the sister-island are usually taken.

Thomas is also unhappy about the condition of the roads that, reportedly, are being destroyed by the heavy-duty trucks operated by PLH.

He says that Barbudans are entitled to access the beaches on their island, and it is neither right nor justifiable that they be barred from using that path to get to this particular beach.

The road block is negatively impacting the tourism sector on Barbuda, Thomas contends, since that roadway leads to the world-renowned pink-sand beach with which many visitors are fascinated.

The former senator admits that he does not understand why the investors would want to erect a fence that blocks the access road when inhabitants of the island have a right to enjoy the beach.

He accuses the Gaston Browne Administration of allowing investors to run roughshod over the people of Antigua and Barbuda, who seem to have no rights and are treated like second-class citizens.

According to Thomas, the Government and the developers continue to ignore warnings about the environmental consequences that could result from the development – especially from the golf course, which is situated close to the Barbuda lagoon.

However, he notes that time will tell the tale.

Thomas is again making hints at Barbuda’s secession from Antigua, a move that was thwarted, about two years ago, by a vote of the Parliament.