Villa resident discovers suspicious-looking bags in her yard; police investigate and find Molotov cocktails inside

A shopping bag and a knapsack containing Molotov cocktails were discovered inside the yard of a Villa woman and the Police are investigating the incident.

Reportedly, the woman, a resident of Aldeth Mercer Street, made a complaint to a police corporal who, in turn, telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported it.

The woman told the officer she had noticed a suspicious-looking bag, hidden in the roots of a tree in her yard, at about 7 a.m. on February 17, and, therefore, was requesting police assistance.

As a result, officers went on duty to the woman’s home, where they confirmed her report.  

The woman said she had never seen the black-and-red knapsack and the green shopping bag before.  When they were checked, the lawmen observed three glass bottles containing what appeared to be gasoline, with pieces of white cloth affixed as wicks (Molotov cocktails).

Photographs were taken and the scene was processed, a source says.

The items were later collected and taken to the St. John’s Police Station pending further investigations.