PM Browne threatens private sector with fines for not complying with vaccine mandate; but business people scoff and say Gov’t is broke

Businesses will be made to pay if they fail to implement a recent Government mandate that  requires all private-sector employees to be vaccinated.

The policy applies to companies with a complement of over five staff members.

The Cabinet made this decision over two weeks ago, and Prime Minister Gaston Browne has placed the private sector on notice that it faces huge fines for non-compliance after November 8.

Further, Browne warns businesses that if they do not enforce the vaccine mandate, measures will be put in place to have it done.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet will be reviewing the fines to ensure they are sufficiently steep to act as a deterrent to employers who may not want to abide by the mandate.

Browne says his Administration will not relent on its mandatory vaccination policy since the country must get to herd immunity in order for the economy to return to normal.

Meanwhile, a business womantells REAL News she wonders what Browne means by “normal.”  “Apart from the knee on the necks of bar operators, what is not normal about business operations here?” she asks.

“The vaccine is not the problem.  The power-house having no money is what is wrong with the economy,” an equipment operator says, in turn. 

“APUA, Solid Waste, Social Security – they are not paying people.  Those staff members  are vaccinated, but it is the companies that have a virus: They’re broke!” he says sarcastically.