Discovery of human leg in water at Yeptons opens major police investigation, ABS reports

In a Breaking News article, the Antigua and Barbuda Broadcasting
Service (ABS) is reporting that Police are now on the scene in the
Yeptons area, where a human leg was found this afternoon, April

The grisly discovery reportedly was made by a snorkeler, who
then made the report at a hotel in the area.
The police were contacted and officers arrived to fish the body
part from the water.

Apparently, it has not yet been determined how long the leg had
been in the water, nor whether it is from a man or woman.
Reportedly, investigators are currently searching the area for any
further remains, as the Police open a major investigation, ABS

For the past week, public discussions have centered on the
number of people – especially young men – who have
disappeared without a trace, with most being feared dead.