UPP Administration would establish a ‘Water Systems Fund,’ capitalized by new foreign direct investment, Lovell says

A United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration would consider establishing a “Water Systems Fund” to help solve the country’s water problem and ensure that residents have reliable access to the commodity.
Harold Lovell, the Party’s Political Leader, says a specific funding mechanism must be put in place to deal with all the work and upgrades needed to seriously address the water problem – which cannot be fixed overnight.
Prime Minister Gaston Browne has already hinted that water rates will increase next year. However, Lovell says consumers should not have to pay higher rates to see an improvement in their water-delivery service.

Therefore, he says, there must be a separate income stream outside of the Consolidated Fund.

Lovell explains that the Water Systems Fund would be capitalized through new foreign direct investments of a certain amount and would be based on the level of concessions the investors receive.
According to the Political Leader, the UPP is seeking to provide a sustainable water-supply system to all of Antigua and Barbuda and, therefore, it will pursue whatever options it finds are viable.
Lovell says the Party’s long-term goal is to solve the water problem, while addressing those matters than can be corrected in the short term.
He notes that this cannot be done in isolation, but must be part of an overall plan and a clear policy that water is a strategic asset and resource and must be treated as such.