UPP out front with launch of 2023 manifesto, founded on seven pillars that support Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity

The United Progressive Party (UPP) held the virtual launch of its 2023 Manifesto, “Seven Pillars for Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity,” on Sunday night, January 8, during a rally held at Mock Pond, All Saints.

It is the first of the four political parties and three independent candidates to release its manifesto– a 60-page policy document – ahead of the January 18 General Election.

According to the Party, “The UPP Manifesto reflects the CHANGE that the people want – and need – to see and was pulled together based on consultations with the people over the past two years.”

Noting that a great deal of hard work went into preparing the document, Political Leader Harold Lovell says it shows the Party is ready to take this country forward.

While some people and parties believe that manifestos have little value, Lovell says the UPP takes it very seriously, since it is asking the people for the mandate to govern.

He says the document – which is a social contract – was created in consultation with constituents during the Candidates’ campaign outings over the past two years.

Lovell says the UPP Manifesto is founded on seven pillars and demonstrates that the Party is on the side of citizens and residents, to whom it is determined to bring “Relief, Recovery and Shared Prosperity.”

The seven pillars on which the UPP plans to realize its manifesto commitments are: job creation and the expansion of the economy; affordable housing; an education revolution; economic dignity; water stability, sound infrastructure and a clean environment; and youth empowerment.

Lovell says that placing the country on a stable economic footing is serious business, and the manifesto provides the road map to meaningful change that will deliver to the people those things necessary for their well-being and prosperity.

Meanwhile, he notes that the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) does not want change, because the current system works for the institution.

The first copy of the Party’s policy document was handed over to David Massiah, general secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers’ Union, on the basis of the UPP’s commitment to this country’s workers.

The UPP Manifesto 2023 is available for viewing on the Party’s official website, voteupp.com; and it can be downloaded at https://voteupp.com/manifesto/.