Nothing opponent does can stop his progress, says Watts, after DCA destroys his billboard in Potters to make room for parking

The United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, Algernon “Serpent” Watts, says there is nothing the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) candidate can do to stop his strides in the constituency.

Watts’ comment comes after one of his billboards, erected in Potters, was demolished by the Development Control Authority (DCA) on Monday, January 9.

The UPP Candidate says he was notified about the incident by someone in the constituency and, at the time, he was unsure what was going on.

However, he acknowledges that he had received a phone call from someone at the DCA last week, informing him that the billboard was creating a difficulty.  The claim, he says, was that the space was needed for a parking area if there was too much traffic on the road.

The UPP Candidate says he rejects that explanation, noting that the headquarters of Dr. Jacqui Quinn, a former UPP Candidate for the area, had been sited in that exact location.  (Quinn’s branch office was subsequently destroyed in a fire, suspected to be arson.)

Watts states that the campaign manager of his political opponent, Dean Jonas, also holds the position of deputy at the DCA; and so he is not surprised that the destructive action was taken.

While the Labour Party appears willing to wage a billboard war, Watts says, he reminds Jonas that election paraphernalia do not vote and his opponent’s days in St. George are numbered.

Meanwhile, some members of the public say they are fed up with the number of billboards being erected, especially since the elections are so close.

One woman says that candidates should stop putting them up at all – adding that she is ready to make a change in this country and billboards “will not save them.”