Continuing water woes are taxing the people of Rural South and Potter asks Matthew to account for his water-tank distribution

As the Nation’s water woes worsen, Gladys Potter, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural South, wants an account of the water tanks that her opponent – MP Daryl Matthew – was allotted for distribution to constituents.

Potter says that Matthew, the Antigua Labour Party representative, has not been doing the job he was elected to do, since residents should not have to wait three or more weeks to get pipe-borne water.

As a resident of the constituency, Potter complains that she, too, is being negatively affected by the lack of water, as her laundry is piling up.

The UPP Candidate says the Government’s failure to provide water on a daily basis is inhumane, and the people of Rural South – particularly the elderly – are suffering.  It cannot be right for persons in their 70s and 80s to be deprived of water to cook a hot meal and to take regular showers, she says.

According to Potter, because Social Security pensions are not paid on time, senior citizens are often forced to spend the little money they have to buy water.

With people having to travel to other communities to get the scarce commodity, Potter says that storing water has become a challenge to constituents, as well.

She believes the Gaston Browne Administration can do better than it is doing at present; but it lacks the will and competence to do what it takes to alleviate the suffering of the people, Potter says.

Referring to the water-storage tanks that were installed by the UPP Administration – but which are yet to be brought online – the Rural South Candidate says it is “bad mindedness” by the Browne Administration that has prevented those tanks from being utilized.

However, she credits the UPP for seeking to resolve the water woes with forward thinking, planning, and actually erecting those storage tanks.