Police investigate two instances of fraud involving building materials purchased with cheques issued by the same man

A man is being investigated for fraud after he reportedly issued cheques to two separate businesses, being aware that he did not have sufficient funds on his bank account to cover the transactions.

According to reports, the general manager of Ankido Shipping contacted the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and complained that – on August 9 – the suspect had purchased from his company a number of air-conditioning units valued at $21,000.

However, when the company sought to clear the cheque the man had used to pay for the units, it was returned for insufficient funds.

Apparently, attempts to obtain the money proved futile, and the Police were notified.

Meanwhile, in a similar incident that involved the same suspect, the cashier at Antigua Plumbing & Hardware reported to the Police that – in April of this year – the man purchased building materials in the amount of $94,941 from the company and paid by way of a cheque.

However, this cheque was also returned for insufficient funds, and the company has been unable to get the money from the man.