Two women sustain serious injuries in traffic smash-up at poorly marked section of Sir George Walter Highway

Two women were injured in a two-vehicle smash-up on the Sir George Walter Highway, shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday, August 28.

The incident occurred in the vicinity of Dee’s Service Station. 

Reports say the driver of a white Delta truck was traveling from north to south on the highway when he slammed into the car, a white Nissan, which was turning onto the Piggotts Main Road at the stoplight.

The driver of the Nissan and another woman who was a passenger in the truck sustained serious injuries; both had to be rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

Further reports are that the Fire Department had to be summoned to the scene, where firefighters deployed the Jaws of Life to free one woman from the mangled wreckage.

The driver of the truck was not seriously injured, according to reports.

It was only last week that the absence of a turning lane at that junction of the highway was discussed during an Observer Radio programme.

Motorists traveling from south to north and wishing to turn into Piggotts are forced to cross two lanes of oncoming traffic in order to do so, thus putting themselves and other persons at risk.

The Traffic Department, while investigating the incident, continues to caution motorists to drive with due care and attention and to follow the rules of the road.