‘Shugy’ and St. Mary’s South will welcome the UPP’s ‘Small-Business Caravan’ this Saturday, starting in Urlings

This weekend, the ninth edition of the United Progressive Party’s “Small Business Pull-up” will be making its way back to the Southside – to the constituency of St. Mary’s South.

On Saturday, October 22, persons on the caravan will gather at the Urlings Primary School at noon and will be supporting more than 20 vendors and small businesses throughout the community.

UPP Candidate Kelvin “Shugy” Simon – an entrepreneur and well-known community organizer – says he is extremely excited to be welcoming the caravan.  

Leading the convoy, he will escort supporters from Urlings, through Johnsons Point and Darkwood Beach all the way to Bolans.

Simon says the people of St. Mary’s South are proud to welcome patrons to experience the unique hospitality on offer and do their part to highlight and support the small-business owners.

Unfortunately, as in other communities across the island, many small enterprises are struggling in a difficult economy, Simon says; hence, they will welcome the additional sales and exposure.

Every Saturday, since late August, an organized group of Party supporters comes together to patronize eateries, bars, convenience stores and other businesses in a specific constituency and promote them on social media.

Last week, the initiative was hosted in the City West constituency, where a number of small enterprises received much-appreciated support and promotion.