Skerritts Pasture businessman tells CID that he scaled galvanize fence to escape two masked and armed bandits

The report of a shooting incident and a businessman running from
two masked gunmen is being investigated by the Police.
Reports say the Skerritts Pasture proprietor of Mini Mart, located in
that village, complained to the Criminal Investigations Department
that, while he was sitting on the front step of his business, he heard
a loud explosion that sounded like gunshot.
Allegedly, he then saw two masked men running from an eastern
direction towards him, with one brandishing what appeared to be a
shotgun and the other carrying a handgun.
Fearing for his life, the businessman said he ran to the western area
of his yard and jumped a galvanize fence to escape the bandits.
However, in the process, he sustained a laceration to his right foot,
for which he received treatment at the hospital and was discharged.
The two masked men were said to be of slim build and about 5’ 8” in
height, and were dressed in long blue jeans and long-sleeved,
hooded shirts, with black masks concealing their faces.
The Police who visited the scene carried out a search of the
surrounding areas for spent shells or shotgun cartridges, but
without success.
This offence reportedly occurred at about 9:45 p.m. on September