Fear of victimization is keeping dissatisfied government workers silent, PSA President acknowledges

There are many disgruntled workers within the public sector, but they are afraid to speak out and stand up for their rights in light of the pending elections, says Joan Peters, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association (ABPSA).
Prison officers downed tools this week over working conditions and called for the removal of the Prison Superintendent and their Permanent Secretary.

Before that, workers at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital were the latest set of public servants to stand up, staging protest action over their working conditions for several weeks in May.
Peters says many troubling issues are still plaguing these institutions and a number of other government offices; however, the workers are afraid to speak out for fear of victimization.
But, in spite of their fear-inspired reluctance, the President says, the Association will still agitate for the rights of its membership.