GPH extends perimeter fence, eliminating parking spaces on Newgate Street and forcing pedestrians to use smaller space

Global Ports Holdings (GPH)-Antigua Cruise Port reportedly has extended its perimeter fence closer to the roadway, and has now taken up a portion of the sidewalk on lower Newgate Street.
Reporting on this development, REAL News Correspondent George Wehner says this is creating further inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians alike, since persons on foot now have a narrower space in which to maneuver. 
However, what has sparked Wehner’s curiosity is whether this undertaking was approved by the Town and Country Planner and the Development Control Authority (DCA).
With the relocation of the fence, Wehner notes that the customary parking area on the southern side of the road – across from Freedom Hall – will be eliminated. He notes that this will negatively affect persons who work in that area, given how difficult it is to find parking in an already congested city.
The Correspondent visited the area on Friday morning, November 4, and filed this report from the location.