Credit union says it is working to restore full network access amid customers’ frustration over $200 ATM withdrawal limit

The frustration of customers who do business with the Community First Cooperative Credit Union (CFCCU) is beginning to wane, as an issue with the institution’s network is slowly being rectified.
Reports say the credit union has been having issues with its automation since last week, and these apparently escalated this week.
A woman tells REAL News she was becoming increasingly frustrated since she could withdraw only $200 a day. She has bills to pay, she says; and with the price of fuel, it was proving difficult to drive to the credit union every day to get money.
According to the woman, she visited the Townhouse Mega Store location and reportedly had to wait for hours, on Wednesday morning, before anyone came out to give an update on the situation.
Other customers were upset and agitated, she notes, as they wondered whether the credit union’s system had picked up a virus or had experienced a cyber attack.
In its initial correspondence to members, the financial institution said that, over the past few days, it has worked to restore its network; however, it is not yet fully operational.
In the meantime, members were informed that they would now be able to withdraw funds via the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) – unlike on Thursday; access increased limits at the teller stations; and make cheque withdrawals.
Online access, however, remains unavailable.
In its latest correspondence, the credit union reported that its network is still not fully operational, although access by the previously stated means still stands.
The credit union is apologizing for this inconvenience to its customers and assuring them that it is working around the clock to restore its network.