Two friends wounded in altercation with brothers, who are also alleged to have damaged properties with stone-throwing

Two men reportedly were wounded during an altercation with two brothers in which a machete came into play.

Reports say the Police are investigating the circumstances that led to Javor Hewitt and Chet Greene Jr. being injured.

Hewitt allegedly telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that he and Greene Jr. had been wounded by Fitzroy Henry and his brother “Rexi” with a metal pipe, cutlass, bottles and stones.

Hewitt reportedly was wounded in his face, head, left hand and right knee.  He further alleges that Henry used his vehicle, # C15628, and tried to run over him and his friend, Greene Jr.

Meanwhile, Greene Jr. allegedly told the Police that he had been going down the road when he was assaulted by Henry and his brother with a cutlass.

The two friends had to seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, as a result of the altercation, Hewitt reported that the brothers, who also reside at Bathlodge, maliciously caused damage to several windows on his house by pelting stones.

Another report, this one by Jackeyma James of Bathlodge, alleged that Henry and his brother “Rexi” had used a stone to maliciously cause damage to a metal door at her house, as well.

The altercation between the four men reportedly took place in Bathlodge between 8:10 and 8:50 a.m. on May 2, and the damage to the homes occurred during the same incident.