Despite party affiliation, residents must hold Government accountable, Winter tells Bendals and the wider community  

Community activist Linley Winter says that Government – regardless of the political administration – must be held accountable for its stewardship, as he notes that the five quarries in Bendals have not been beneficial to the residents of that community.

In spite of the quarries being located right there, Winter points out that the Bendals infrastructure is in a deplorable state.  And while community residents are left to traverse these badly damaged roadways, he says that quality roads are being put down in other, uninhabited locations.

Accordingly, he asks who benefits from this situation.

Meanwhile, Winter says the time has long passed for residents to stop playing politics and hold the Government accountable for its actions, in spite of the political party they support.

He says that such social responsibility can only be beneficial to the people, since some politicians believe they answer to no one.

However, Winter is reminding them that they are, indeed, accountable to those who put them in office to serve.