Drive-by shooting leaves man nursing injury in the hospital, while Police ask public for help in identifying perpetrators

Police continue to probe an early-morning shooting that has left a man nursing injuries in the hospital and shaken the residents of Joseph Lane.

While a motive for the attack has not been determined, as yet, Police say the pre-dawn shooting occurred in an area between Tindale and Kentish Roads on Monday, May 9, sometime after 2 a.m.

Lawmen say the perpetrators were travelling in a vehicle, and they sped off after opening fire on the unsuspecting man.

The victim received a gunshot wound to his thigh and was rushed to the hospital for treatment; however, doctors say his injury is not life threatening.

The Police are now seeking the public’s help in identifying the vehicle and the perpetrators.  Anyone with information should notify the nearest police station or the Criminal Investigation Department at 462-3913.