UPP Chair says that young people deserve more consideration than the Labour Party’s jam-and-wine approach

The Chairman of the United Progressive Party (UPP), D.Gisele Isaac, says she does not share the opinion of those who say that most of the country’s youth can be reached only through the jam-and-wine tactic the Antigua Labour Party employs.

Isaac says the young people are more intelligent than that and deserve more consideration.  If this approach is all the Labour Party thinks our youth deserve, she says, then the organization should be ashamed.

If people took the time to speak with these youth – instead of trying to buy their votes through free concerts – then they might get a better understanding of what the young people’s hopes and aspirations are, for themselves and the country, Isaac says.   

Meanwhile, Isaac says the UPP has embraced young people, and she refers to those on the Party’s slate of whom she is proud and with whom she is impressed.