The Labour Day weekend was a busy one for the Police, who answered quite a number of reports, including two shootings and two serious accidents.

Reports are that a 70-year-old contractor from Cashew Hill was shot in the thigh by unknown assailants last Friday.  He is said to be in stable condition since his injury, though serious, is not life threatening.

In a second incident, another man, 65 years old, took a shot to the face on Saturday, April 24, in Grays Farm.

Lawmen say they are making strides in both investigations and are looking for certain persons of interest.  If the public has any information concerning these incidents, they are encouraged to report it to the Police.

Meanwhile, two persons were rushed to the Mount St. John Medical Centre on Sunday night, May 2, following a traffic accident.

Reports say the male driver lost control of his Honda Fit and ran off the road, and the resulting damage to the vehicle caused the female passenger to be trapped inside.  Firefighters had to deploy the Jaws of Life to free her from the wreckage.

While the woman sustained serious injuries, the driver reportedly complained only of pain about the body.

This accident occurred at Ffryes Estate shortly after 7 p.m.   

Some two hours later, there was another accident: this time on the All Saints Road and involving three vehicles.

This smash-up involved a Toyota Noah van being driven by a male;  a Suzuki Vitara with two occupants; and a Honda that was carrying four people.  One of its three passengers had to be rushed to the hospital.

Police continue to investigate the cause of the accident, which left all three vehicles badly damaged.

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