Litter wardens reportedly lose downtown offices while Solid Waste staff lodge a litany of complaints about their workplace

Sources inside the National Solid Waste Authority claim the agency has lost its downtown space and that its litter wardens are without a base, as a result.

While they were not able to give a specific reason for the loss of this office, which reportedly is in the Heritage Quay complex, they speculate that the new managers of the Quay have given the Authority notice. 

Whether the notice was given as a consequence of non-payment or the space is needed for other purposes, they could not definitively say.

However, they did confirm that the Authority’s headquarters on the Sir George Walter Highway is not suitable for the relocation of the wardens’ office.

The sources complain that the building is a health hazard about which the Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn Joseph – under whose portfolio the Authority falls – seems unwilling to do anything.

They allege that the building is “full of mold,” there are cockroaches and flies in the kitchen, and rats roam the roof.

They further report that management has made attempts to have the building cleaned and sanitized – but that the persons performing these services “have no expertise in this area.”  In fact, the sources allege that grass-cutters have been engaged to perform these duties.

Today, as the heat index caused the temperature to feel like 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the sources also complained that the air-conditioners in the Authority’s offices need proper servicing.  They allege that they are being cleaned only sporadically by maintenance workers without the requisite skills.

The sources say the staff “are tired of complaining about the ongoing friend-and-company that is running Solid Waste,” and allege that dissatisfied employees have been subjected to abuse by Directors of the Board.