Parker denies collusion with UPP and says paranoia, bitterness and vengeance are fueling DNA’s untruths about her departure

Malaka Parker is lashing back at the leadership of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), saying that she would “be too ashamed, too confounded and too humiliated to share the stories of what the DNA truly is, apart from its polished exterior and social media branding.”
Parker’s public condemnation of the six-year-old party – which she helped to establish – comes as its president, Joanne Massiah, allegedly has made unfounded statements against her since Parker resigned from the DNA last week.
In responding to the party’s claims, Parker says the time has come to bring an end to the folly being perpetrated by Massiah and the DNA.
Categorically, she denies allegations that she has been engaged by; or has colluded with; or is a part of a conspiracy with, the United Progressive Party (UPP).
Further, Parker says she has never held talks with anybody in the UPP about formally renewing her membership with the Party, and she challenges anyone to produce such evidence.

The former DNA Chairperson also denies being engaged in any secret talks, meetings, or discussions with the main opposition party about what she terms “the dysfunction that has come to characterize the party [DNA] that I risked my political life for.”
She reminds the public that her main reasons for leaving the DNA were stated in her resignation letter to the party and she is not known to be a liar.
Accordingly, it is simply “convenience, cowardice and conniving” for the DNA to manufacture reasons for her departure, Parker says, and she attributes this to the “incredible paranoia, the bitterness and the vengeful cancer” afflicting “certain parts of the [DNA] leadership.”
She accuses certain party members of waging a diabolical effort to discredit her and to erase or undermine her work and contributions – because she refused to be a part of “personal vendettas.”
Although she had been warned by “DNA candidates who ran on the party’s ticket last election,” Parker said she continued to defend her former leader.  

However, she is cautioning the current crop of young and impressionable DNA candidates to think for themselves – noting that nation building cannot be fueled by personal issues, and the party cannot build by repeating the same leadership mistakes.
Meanwhile, Parker says that as a young, educated, experienced and competent national of Antigua and Barbuda, she is free to associate with any political party when, and if, she decides to do so.