Customers complain about interruption in Inet and land line services, but APUA offers no explanation as to the cause

Users of Inet, APUA’s cell-phone network, as well as its land line customers were left wanting today, October 12, after the company encountered what appear to be major difficulties with its system.

Reports are that land line service went down on Monday night, October 11, leaving clients unable to place calls.  This also impacted quite a number of businesses today, Tuesday, including Government offices.

Accordingly, customers took to social media to vent, complaining that cell-phone users could not place calls to the numbers of the other networks, Digicel and FLOW.  Reportedly, Internet services were also impacted.

Digicel, meanwhile, issued a notice to its customers acknowledging that they might be experiencing issues calling landline numbers. 

“This is due to technical issues on another network,” the telecoms company explained, adding that its own team was working to resolve the issue.

REAL News was not able to ascertain what caused the phone lines to go down for such a prolonged period, and APUA is yet to issue a statement on the cause.  It did apologize, however, for the inconvenience caused to its customers.