UPP’s Corthwright Marshall gives St. Mary’s South MP low marks for the state of agriculture and for representation

Cortwright Marshall, the United Progressive Party Candidate for St. Mary’s South, is displeased with the current state of the constituency, under the stewardship of Minister of Agriculture Samantha Marshall.

With regard to health infrastructure, Marshall says nothing has been, or is being, done in the constituency, and he says the facilities need care and attention.

The constituency is home to several government-run agricultural projects, including the Cades Bay Pineapple Farm.  But the UPP Candidate laments that agriculture in the area has been left to languish and deteriorate. 

Meanwhile, Marshall is asking about the use of a building that the Antigua Labour Party representative has declared a community centre – but which only she has use of, he says.

Marshall is also curious to know whether public funds were used to construct what amounts to a constituency office for the Labour Party’s representative.