Teachers in fear of losing their jobs ask Ministry of Health for clear policy on re-entry to schools after recovery from COVID

Two educators say they are frustrated and confused on the way forward after being given conflicting reports on vaccination.

REAL News has learned that a family of five contracted the coronavirus and was placed in isolation for the requisite period.   They were eventually given the go-ahead to resume normal duties.

Two persons in the household are teachers and a third person is enrolled in school.  According to the Government’s vaccination mandate, they would all have to be vaccinated in order to re-enter a school plant once face-to-face learning resumes.

The family has been out of isolation for three weeks now; but since they are recovering from the virus, they are unable to get vaccinated at this time.

Meanwhile, the two teachers reportedly have been trying to get official clearance to return to work from the Ministry of Health.

The mother-daughter pair says they were informed, by the nurse who cleared them, that they should not be vaccinated before 90 days’ time.

They sought further confirmation from the Ministry of Health and reportedly were informed that vaccination could take place 60 days after recovery.

Now, the two believe they are being “bully-ragged” into taking the vaccine since it has been only three weeks, and because other health officials are telling them that it is okay to take the jab.

According to research, however, some experts advise former COVID-19 patients to hold off on inoculation.  They explain that, following exposure to the virus, there are usually antibodies in a person’s blood; and vaccination might cause a viral overload that could be serious.  

Meanwhile, the women are concerned that if they do not take the jab, at this time, and with no form of exemption from the Ministry of Health, they will not be permitted on the school compound and may lose their jobs.

Therefore, they are appealing to the respective government agencies to issue definitive guidelines on the matter of re-entry, since several theories about the same issue are being circulated.

They also want the Ministry of Health to accord them clearance to teach until they are able to get vaccinated.