New foundation seeks to raise awareness of mental-health issues and create website where persons can access help

Regina Apparicio, a clinical psychologist and founder of the “Mental Health Talk Antigua” foundation, is seeking to raise awareness about mental health through a fundraising initiative.

In addition to getting itself registered, the newly formed foundation is planning to set up a website so that people can easily access information on mental health.

Apparicio says the organization came into being as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, since residents being negatively impacted did not know where to turn, nor that help was readily available on island.

In order to address this shortcoming, Apparicio and others set out to create what is now called the online professional directory for mental-health practitioners, which, she says, is constantly growing.

At present, she says, professionals do not pay a fee to be listed, since it is more important, right now, to ensure that this resource is available.  Additionally, members of the public can access the directory for free.

While access is free, there is a cost for maintaining the site; hence, Apparicio says that fundraising drives are undertaken for this purpose.

One drive was held last year, and another was set for last weekend in commemoration of World Mental Health Awareness.  However, due to a number of challenges, the second drive has been postponed to June 11, the clinical psychologist says.