St. Mary’s South in dire need of cleaning, observes Simon, who recalls better conditions under the Spencer Administration

The St. Mary’s South constituency is in an appalling and filthy condition, according to Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for the area.

Simon says there are overgrown bushes covering the sidewalks, while the gutters require cleaning from the green – and sometimes black – stagnant water.

The UPP Candidate notes that under the Baldwin Spencer Administration, the constituency was cleaner and kept in better condition.

Simon recalls that, when he was a youngster, his grandmother was employed to clean the roadway and sidewalks.

Now, he says, even with weed-eaters and modern equipment, the roadsides and gutters are not as clean as they were when workers used hoes, shovels and cutlasses to clean the community. 

Earlier, when residents complained about the condition of the gutters and the roadsides, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said it was their responsibility to clean in front of their homes.

He said people would not depend on the Government to clean the gutters or roadsides if they had civic pride.