Sherfield Bowen shares plans for St. Phillip’s South community to counter neglect of ALP incumbent Lennox Weston

A chord of neglect by the Gaston Browne Administration seems to be the case in every constituency; and, to address this, Sherfield Bowen plans to undertake a beautification drive in his constituency once elected. 
Bowen, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Phillip’s South, says there has been zero service to the constituency by Antigua Labour Party incumbent Lennox Weston – except in recent weeks, as general elections loom.
He says that Weston’s political service should have commenced the very day after his election, and his abandonment of the people and the community should never have taken place.

According to Bowen, the work Weston is doing now should have been undertaken years ago and continued on a regular basis.
Other areas on which the UPP Candidate intends to focus are the youth and sports, since there is no community centre or proper sporting facilities in the constituency.
Bowen complains that the same situation exists in all the constituencies: neglect of the youth and neglect of the elderly, who deserve the Nation’s respect since they were once the backbone of this country.
Also of grave concern to the Candidate is the lack of regular pipe-borne water. He says no one should have to interrupt their sleep at midnight in order to “catch water” and, in some cases, to get their laundry done.
Meanwhile, Bowen is optimistic about the campaign he is running, and he is confident it will lead to his election to public office.