Harriette gets credit for road work in Lightfoot West and asks residents to imagine what could be done if he and his party are elected

Tevaughn “Peter Blue” Harriette is being commended for having come to the rescue of Lightfoot West residents, who have endured the lack of proper roads for years.

In most areas, what can be described only as dirt roads exist. And when it rains, it creates a disaster for motorists and pedestrians alike. 

Accordingly, Harriette, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. Peter, secured the services of a backhoe to grade a particular stretch of roadway and spread material – marl and stones – to make it more manageable for vehicles to traverse.
Harriette was able to secure these resources through the donation of corporate citizens.
REAL News correspondent George Wehner visited the scene as the work was taking place. He was critical of the Administration and of the Labour Party incumbent for neglecting the residents of the community.
Also on the scene was the Harriette, himself, who said he was more than happy to be able to bring some relief to the people of Lightfoot West.
He tells our Newsroom that this work actually took place some months ago – although the video of the project surfaced only last week.

If he is able to get such things accomplished while not in office, Harriette says, then imagine what will be fulfilled if he and the UPP are elected to serve the people.
Meanwhile, Harriette says that his effort in Lightfoot is the start of many ventures to come. He notes that at least one Labour Party MP was in office for more than 20 and did nothing substantial for the constituency. However, he declares, he is here to break that cycle.