Roof leak reportedly damages bathroom at old Airport terminal, identified as office space for Antigua Airways

A bathroom at the old V.C. Bird International Airport terminal building was flooded with water today, Friday, October 21, and a source says that part of the ceiling fell to the floor as a result.
It appears that the water ran from the roof of the building, the source says, since a carpet in the hallway leading to the restroom was soaking wet, while the level of water on the bathroom floor was just shy of ankle height.

The person also claims that pieces of ceiling material, soaked by the water, fell on the counter, on basins, and on an open toilet, and were scattered across the floor
Ironically, the old terminal building has been listed as the location for the offices of Antigua Airways, the controversial airline that is expected to begin flying here from Nigeria at the end of October.
Since an area of the terminal is said to be leaking, REAL News tried to ascertain whether any work has been done on the building to accommodate these offices. However, the Newsroom was not successful.