Bass says no one should believe Hurst’s story about unclaimed bodies, while questions remains about ‘official’ causes of death

Labour Relations Consultant Henderson Bass is calling for clarity on statements made by Government Spokesman Lionel “Max” Hurst concerning the liquefied corpses which had to be buried hurriedly this week.
Those bodies were being housed in a refrigerated container on the compound of the old Holberton Hospital, and reportedly began decomposing after the cooling unit broke down.
Hurst claims that five bodies known to have been hurriedly interred on Thursday had been unclaimed by any relatives. However, Bass says he does not believe this story and he asks how many missing or homeless persons might have died over these past months.
Bass says Hurst is a stranger to the truth and no one should believe what he says.
Seeming to contradict Hurst’s statement about the bodies being unclaimed, however, was an Observer Radio caller who, on Wednesday night, advised the public that he had been notified of his brother’s remains being buried the next day.

The deceased was a well-known figure whose funeral many relatives and friends had hoped to attend.

Meanwhile, there remains some controversy about the use of the refrigerated container.

A source reminds REAL News that the refrigerated unit was intended to store bodies that had tested positive for COVID-19. However, by some accident, the source reveals, the body of a man who did not have the virus was recently placed in that container.

This, the source says, was a breach of the storage protocols and a potential source of contamination – not only for the body, but for those who would handle it in the course of a post-mortem examination, as well as the police officers and witnesses.

Given that the five known bodies were not autopsied, REAL News asked the source what would be listed as the cause of death on their death certificates. However, the official could not say what decision had been taken by the Coroner in that regard.