Education director tells students and teachers to learn from 2022 challenges and commit to succeeding in 2023

Public schools reopened for the 2023/2024 academic year on
Monday, September 4, with Director of Education Clare Browne
admonishing both students and teachers to start the new term with
fresh hope and renewed purpose.
Browne, in his annual “Director’s School Reopening Address,” says
the issues that plagued the last school year should not be allowed to
impact the education system this year.
And he admits that there were times, during the 2022-23 academic
year, when the field of education felt like an ideological battlefield,
with the Ministry of Education grappling with issues like youth
violence and industrial action by teachers.
Accordingly, Browne is challenging educators, students, and
Ministry officials to embark on this 2023-24 academic year with the
resolve that “we will succeed.”
According to the education director, the aim should be for improved
holistic development; better grades; sharper parenting; more
engaging instruction; consistent attention to duty; and leadership
that uplifts.

And Browne, as in past addresses, reiterates that all stakeholders in
the education system should be inspired to work together with
enthusiasm, honesty and a keen sense of responsibility.

Explaining why he gives these annual motivational addresses,
Browne says they are of paramount importance because education
officials care about the quality of relationship that exists between
the Ministry and the people it serves.

Browne says it also seeks to nurture a harmonious relationship
among all stakeholders through sincere communication and the
articulation of clear expectations.