Textbook and laptop shortages still unresolved three weeks later; Lovell says Minister Matthew must step up and deliver

Parents continue to complain that the unavailability of textbooks and laptops has not been resolved, although the school year is now into its third week.

They say that lessons have to be supplemented, otherwise, by teachers, who, in turn, are sourcing information by other means.

One parent is upset that her son is receiving instruction for a particular subject through the Google Classroom platform, and is asking why the Government continues to deduct Education Levy from her salary.

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party, says that Education Minister Darryl Matthew needs to step up to the plate and provide the tools necessary for students to perform well.

Lovell says the Ministry’s excuses about supply-chain disruption is not credible. Education sources have confirmed that supplies were not ordered until shortly before the reopening of schools, he says.    

Once again, he points out that the Browne Administration has had more money at its disposal than any previous administration; and yet, he says, school children are being deprived.

Students – especially those who will sit CXC examinations next year – are being placed at an awful disadvantage, Education sources say, and Lovell brands the situation mismanagement by the sitting Administration.

According to Lovell, the citizens and residents of this country need a change for proper governance, transparency, and true accountability.