ASP Ellis warns Tint Meters coming soon to clamp down on illegal tints

Assistant Superintendent of Police Rodney Ellis, who heads the Traffic Department within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, says that the police will be acquiring tint meters as it seeks to clamp down on the illegal tinting of vehicles in Antigua and Barbuda.

Ellis says that with the country’s current laws, officers do not have the authority to order persons to remove their tints when they are stopped since they are unable to definitely say that the grade tint the vehicle has is illegal.

He says that these tools will greatly assist officers in curbing the use of illegal tints. Any tint above 75 percent is not legal in Antigua and Barbuda.

Meanwhile, Ellis is warning drivers to stop tinting their windscreens, which is not legal.

The senior police officer says that vehicles with tinted windscreens can be deemed to be not roadworthy and impounded.