Impostor pretends to be Treasury Department official and defrauds businessman of over $3,000; police are investigating

The Police are investigating a case in which a man who pretended to
be a Treasury Department official allegedly has defrauded a
businessman of over $3,000.

According to reports, the Old Parham Road man complained to the
Criminal Investigations Department (CID) that an unknown male
had called him by cell phone, claiming to be “Mr. Roberts” from the
Treasury Department.

The businessman alleged that the person had requested money and
told him that he – “Mr. Roberts” – would meet with him concerning
monies he is owed by the Government. 

Reportedly, the perpetrator called the victim on May 31 and asked
that he lend him $850; and, later that day, “Mr. Roberts” collected
the money.

The following day, June 1, the impostor called the victim again and
asked to borrow a further $1,000 – again promising to schedule a
meeting about the monies he was owed – and later sent a man to
collect that sum. 

Reportedly, the next day, June 2, yet again, the fake Treasury official
called the Old Parham Road man requesting another sum: $1,500.
Sometime later, another man went to collect the money, arousing
the suspicions of the businessman, who noted that this was the third
person who had turned up on his compound with what appeared to
be marijuana in hand. 

In spite of his suspicions, however, he handed over the money and
then notified the Police.