Board of Ed says fewer than half of the 973 laptops issued last year have been returned and asks parents for compliance

The Board of Education (BoE) is reporting that fewer than 50 percent of the laptops issued to students for the 2021-2022 academic year have been returned.

Therefore, it is appealing to parents to return the devices and threatening legal action against those who fail to comply with the request.

In a public notice, the Board of Education asks those students who have graduated – as well as those who are no longer attending a government secondary school – to immediately return the laptops they were issued.

It notes that 973 laptops were issued to students last school year, and, to date, the majority have not been returned. This, the BoE says, is hindering the distribution of the devices to incoming First Form pupils.

Meanwhile, the adults are being reminded that the laptops were issued under terms and conditions outlined in a signed agreement.

“Therefore, all parents and guardians are asked to return the property of the Board of Education to the Board’s office on Popeshead and North Streets on or before 4th October, 2022,” the notice reads.