Tabor says PM should lay entire Air Peace agreement before the public, and notes no mention of LIAT severance

Although Prime Minister Gaston Browne has revealed the reported
dollar value of the agreement between the Government and the
Nigerian airline Air Peace, the United Progressive Party (UPP) is
calling for the entire agreement to be made public.
During the 46 th  CARICOM Heads of Government meeting held this
week, Prime Minister Browne updated his regional colleagues on the
progress of LIAT 2020, claiming that the partnership is estimated at
US$80 million, or about EC$208 million.

But the UPP and anxious residents are wondering what else the
Government has promised the Nigerian investor.

Based on previous agreements signed by the Browne
Administration – particularly for its Special Economic Zones –
a significant percentage of the incentives granted to investors bring
no benefit to the taxpayers.

Accordingly, Damani Tabor, the Party’s public relations officer, says
the entire agreement should be brought before the people for
In the meantime, he notes that there have been conflicting reports
on the number of aircraft Air Peace will be providing, although
Browne has said the African carrier will be bringing – from its own
fleet – three Embraer E-145 50-seater aircraft.
These are expected to be delivered by mid-March.

What he finds more alarming than the conflicting numbers, Tabor
says, is that the former LIAT (1974) Ltd. workers are yet to receive
their severance, even as plans are proceeding for the new LIAT
This is a wicked act on the part of the Gaston Browne
Administration, he declares.

Damani Tabor, public relations officer for the United Progressive

LIAT 2020 is expected to provide regional air travel, filling the void
that has been left by its predecessor.
To achieve this, the Government is seeking Air Peace’s assistance in
acquiring the LIAT (1974) headquarters and fleet, as the plan calls
for the new airline to operate six aircraft: three from LIAT (1974)
Ltd. and three from Air Peace.
However, the Government must first acquire one airplane in order
to be granted an Air Operations Certificate, which will enable it to
get LIAT 2020 off the ground.