City South’s Small Business Pull-up will be a walk-through of St. John’s and showcase its best offerings, promises deFreitas

The next edition of the United Progressive Party’s “Small Business Pull-up” will be staged this weekend in the constituency of St. John’s City South.

The event was slated for last Saturday, September 17, but Tropical Storm Fiona forced its postponement to this Saturday, September 24.

Franz deFreitas, the Party’s Candidate for that constituency, will lead a convoy from the Fresh and Ready Supermarket in Belmont to the East Bus Station/ Old Parliament Building area.

He says this Pull-up will differ from those previously held, since –rather than the usual driving about – supporters will be walking through the St. John’s shopping district – patronizing the small enterprises and helping to generate more customers, revenues and visibility.

The Candidate says the tour will also highlight some of the best eateries, bars, and convenience stores in the city.

He explains that the caravan will proceed up Market Street, right onto Long Street, onto Charles Henry Street next to the Anglican Cathedral, and onto lower Church Street to patronize two businesses.

DeFreitas says the Party is concerned about the development of micro and small businesses throughout the country, and it is extremely excited about supporting their owners.

Not only does this initiative help to create and sustain jobs, but it keeps the communities vibrant and buzzing with activity, while contributing to the growth of the national economy, deFreitas says.

The Party will also capitalize on the opportunity to share its Small Business Agenda with patrons and owners.

“For many [owners], inflation continues to eat away their profits … and by spotlighting and supporting them, it shows how much we appreciate the services that they provide and the sacrifices that they make to support their communities,” says Political Leader Harold Lovell.

This Saturday’s Pull-up – the fifth installment – will end with a constituency fundraiser that features some of the best food vendors in the community, deFreitas promises.

Meanwhile, the Party’s “Mobilization Sunday” campaign will resume this Sunday, September 25, in the All Saints West constituency, where Candidate Anthony Smith, Jr. will lead the canvassing drive.

This event had been set to take place last week, but it was also postponed due to the inclement weather conditions.