Farmer George says Easter vegetables and sweet potatoes are in abundance on the market this year

As the country begins its Holy Week celebrations, and as people prepare to cook up a storm on Good Friday, the usual vegetables are in full abundance at the market, says farmer Caudley George.

George says that sweet potatoes are also in abundance, as this commodity is a staple at this time.

Meanwhile, commenting on the country’s ability to increase its export capabilities, George says t this will take a strong will and determination, which the Browne Administration does not seem to have.

He says that more attention should be paid to the agriculture sector, which the United Progressive Party (UPP) is promising to do.

George addressed the issue of St. Lucia exporting green bananas to Antigua and Barbuda, saying that most of the ripe bananas now coming into the country are from St. Lucia.

He says that a great amount is also imported from Dominica.

The first shipment from St. Lucia, 460 boxes, arrived here at the end of March.