UPP’s Tuesday night forum will focus on how pandemic is impacting education sector now and into the future

The third forum in the United Progressive Party’s “Tackling COVID” series is set for Tuesday night, October 5, and will focus on the impact of the pandemic on the education sector.

The forum “will address growing concerns about how classroom learning has been up-ended,” a release from the Party says.

A panel comprising Myrick Smith, an Education Officer in the Ministry of Education; Ashworth Azille, Principal of the Clare Hall Secondary School; Dr. Ronan Matthew, a retired principal who has worked in both Antigua and Nevada, USA; and Eugena Greene, the parent of a secondary-level student will discuss the current uncertainties and the long-term consequences on skills, growth, and learning. 

Also down for discussion will be how remote learning affects students’ performance, as well as the extraordinary commitment of educators, staff and policymakers to support students and families.

Additionally, the panel will look at the disruptions caused by school closures and the social and economic challenges that many families face, including lack of Internet services and devices and the effects of unemployment.

The Government’s vaccination mandate and its impact on the school system – particularly with respect to substitute teachers – will also form part of the discussion.

The forum will be held Tuesday night, at 7:30 p.m., and broadcast on Progressive 107.3 FM and live-streamed via the MYUPP Facebook Page.

The weekly virtual public-education series is hosted by Dr. Jacqui Quinn, a former minister of education.