UPP identifies areas in which Government can save taxpayers’ money, in particular utilizing the tendering process

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says it has already devised ways in which it can save the Government millions of dollars once it attains public office.

Harold Lovell, the Political Leader and a former Minister of Finance, says there is wastage in some ministries that can be plugged, and the tendering process is another area through which money can be saved.

He says the Browne Administration’s practice of not sending projects to tender has got to be stopped. Tendering ensures that the people and the Government get the best deal and value for money, he notes.

Once again, Lovell says the problem this Administration faces is one of expenditure and not of revenue.

He points out that this Labour Party Government is enjoying income from many sources; and, yet, it has borrowed more money than any other administration in the history of the country.

The issue, he says, is how those funds are being spent.