Fernandez’ diversion proves his failure to improve the lives of Rural North residents and businesses, says Quinn-Williams

MP Charles “Max” Fernandez has done nothing to improve the lives of residents and business owners in St. John’s Rural North these past eight years, charges Pearl Quinn-Williams, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for that constituency.

Recently, she says, Fernandez was asked about his stewardship and why he should be re-elected for a third term.  Reportedly, he did not answer the question directly, but diverted to another point, saying that Government workers had not been laid off during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Quinn-Williams says Fernandez’s response is telling – underscoring that he cannot point to any accomplishment in the constituency during his tenure.

Further, she accuses the Tourism Minister of being untruthful in other comments.  She says his boast of not having gone to the IMF for assistance is “no feather in their cap,” since the UPP Administration had an IMF programme and, yet, no jobs were lost.

At present, Quinn-Williams notes, many residents are struggling, as some have been unemployed since 2020 and very little government assistance has been forthcoming.

Meanwhile, the UPP Candidate is outlining her plans for Rural North residents and businesses, one of which includes converting the popular Jabberwock Beach.