Tabor addresses need for a ‘living wage’ amidst rising inflation and for improved working conditions at Gov’t departments

United Progressive Party (UPP) Senator Damani Tabor is again advocating for a “living wage” in place of a minimum wage in Antigua and Barbuda, even as workers in the United Kingdom are agitating for decent pay increases.

Tabor says the two minimum wage increases granted under the Baldwin Spencer Administration were a demonstration that the UPP is, indeed, a “People First” political institution.

Once the Party is returned to office at the next polls, he assures affected workers that they will see a wage increase that falls in line with the high inflation rate.

As inflation increases, many manufacturers are slyly cutting down on the volume of their products, while retaining the size of the packaging. In essence, consumers are paying more money for less content, resulting in what is now termed “shrink-flation.”

Meanwhile, Tabor says that even the conditions under which many persons are forced to work are deplorable, and a UPP

Administration will urgently address this.

Meanwhile, Senator Tabor notes the relocation of several government departments, including the Central Board of Health, the St. John’s and All Saints Magistrates Courts, and a number of police stations – all due to mouldy premises, leaks and other structural issues.

The Government should have made these a priority, he says, and he is calling for upgrades to these departments, as well as to the hospital and community clinics.